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Coin Starter Kits

Contents: 1 - copy of the Whitman Guide to Coin Collecting * 1 Lincoln no. 3 Cents Folder * 1 Jefferson no. 2 Nickel Folder * 1 cent Coin Tube * 1 Nickel Coin Tube * 1 Hobby Magnifier.

Coin Holder- 2x2 Cardboard
*Note some coins use the same size holder (ex. cent & dime)* the 2x2 cardboard holders are Great way to protect and organize your Coins. They contain a transparent film with white cardboard around it where you can write the date, grade, and what type of coin it is.

Coin Holders-Plastic Flip
The coin slides into the flap.
Tt comes with a white cardboard insert which can be written on. This is another way to keep your coins protected and organized for future reference.

Coin holder-plastic snap 2x2

Comes in 2 pieces and snaps together after coin is inserted into holder. This is a hard plastic protector for coins which snap together. They are air tight and helps keep the coin from tarnishing over time.

Quarter Roll Box


PCGS Coin Used Storage Box

Made of rigid, durable polystyrene plastic. Provides attractive storage for all Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) slabbed coins.Box is 9" long with 20 slots. NOTE: These boxes are lightly used- great value!

Coin Pages

These pages hold the 2x2 cardboard coin holders to make it easier to keep your coins in the correct order. They fit in a three ring binder and they are transparent pages to see both front and back of the coin.

Coin Album -60 pocket
This album has 10 pages.
This album contains 60 different slots to put your coins in and keep them organized. It is a nice small coin album make it easy to carry around with you from place to place.

coin wallet

There are two types of coin wallets, one holds 12 coins in 2x2 holders and the other holds 24 coins in 2x2 holders. This is an easy way to go to your favorite coin store to put your coins in when you make a purchase. Do not have to worry about carrying around a large coin album when you can use the coin wallet.

Presidential Dollar Collector's Portfolio

During each year from 2007 to 2016, four different dollar designs, each bearing the image of a different president, are being released. Living presidents, both current and former, are excluded from the program. The Presidential dollars are part of the Golden Dollar Program and retain the same golden color as the Sacagawea dollars. The motto IN GOD WE TRUST appears in edge lettering—a first for a U.S. coin, as the motto has never before appeared on the rim. The year of issue is likewise on the rim. Folder Size 7" x 9,5". 44 Openings.

Coin holder -Round plastic

This holder snaps together. It comes with a black foam insert to prevent the coin from movement in the holder.

Plain State Series Quarter Coin holders(Harris)
This is a nice holder to display your P & D mint State Quarters in!

Silver Eagle Coin holder

This is a nice hard plastic holder to fit the American Eagle coin. It comes in many different styles. See list to left to view styles

Sacagawea Dollar holder (Harris)
This plastic holder contains two slots to put each P & D mint Sacagawea coin in and it makes a Great protector for the coin.

Wartime Steel Penny Coin holder (Harris)
This plastic holder contains three slots to put each P, D, & S mint Steel Pennies in and it makes a Great protector for the coin.

Mint set holders

These are mint set air tight plastic holders. You can make your mint set and still keep them together with Great protection from tarnishing. Get them in a 5 or 6 coin holder.

Currency Pages

These pages are a great way to keep your paper money in order and protected. The pages fit in a three ring binder, that way you can create your own currency album.

Single Currency holders
these are thin plastic single currency holders to keep your Paper Money protected. Comes in Medium or Large size.

Top Load Single Currency holders
These are a thicker single Currency holder and another Great way to protect the old and valuable Paper Money. Medium or Large sizes.

Currency Albums

This album holds 10 Currency items. Get them in Medium or Large size.

Click here to view all Coin Albums

Large Whitman coin albums
These coin albums are a beautiful leather faced album with pages that contain see through spots for coins. You can see both front and back of each coin and they are organized by dates and mint marks.

Call for availability and pricing. 877-422-7979

Birth year and Wedding lucite display

This is a beautiful momento of the year a loved one was born with this special display. The display has a cutout spot to put that special picture of the one who is born and spots to put each type of coin for that year.

Call for availability and pricing. 877-422-7979

Silver Eagle black velvet box

A classy way to keep your American Eagle looking good. It is a nice display to show off your collection of American Eagles.

Plastic coin tubes

Each tube holds your coins of all the same dates and mint marks. This is another way to keep all of those coins organized and protected.

> Plastic coin tubes

Each tube holds your coins of all the same dates and mint marks. This is another way to keep all of those coins organized and protected.

Boxes for 2x2 coin holders

These boxes have to rows to organize all of those loose 2x2 holders. It makes it easier to keep all the same type of coins together using less space.

Postcard Poly Bags

These sleeves are way to protect those old post cards you may have so they do not get ruined. you get 100 poly sleeves per pack

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