Prestige Sets Price List

U.S. Prestige Sets available in all years! Prestige Sets at Great Low prices. Prestige Sets come with original box & certificate of authenticity.
Prestige sets contain a commemorative dollar and half dollar for that year as well as a proof issue of the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter and Kennedy half-dollar. The production of Prestige Proof Sets was suspended with the last issued being 1997. Each set is encased in a book-like case and comes in a laminated box.

All Prestige Sets come in Original packaging..

1994 Prestige Set   More Info
1993 Prestige Set   More Info
1992 Prestige Set   More Info out of stock
1991 Prestige Set   More Info out of stock
1990 Prestige Set   More Info
1989 Prestige Set   More Info out of stock
1988 Prestige Set   More Info
1987 Prestige Set   More Info
1986 Prestige Set   More Info out of stock

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